COOKIE (retired) and MILO fetching


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Litters 2018

4 months girls available.
Crate and leash trained, shots to date, microchip dewormed, declaws removed, tails docked, health guarantee

I had to travel so these girls stayed home while gone 


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Email for info

Please fill up the following questionnaire that will help me find the best fit for you, email them to

  • 1. Where do you live, address, phone number?
  • 2. Have you ever had a wire terrier or terrier before?
  • 3. What makes you think you want a terrier?
  • 4. Do you have a securely fenced yard because terriers are escape artists?
  • 5. Do you have other pets? What kinds? What sexes?
  • 6. Do you have children? What ages?
  • 7. Will the puppy be an inside dog or an outside dog?
  • 8. How long will the WFT be left alone while members of the family are at work/school??
  • 9. Your age group?

2018 April Litter 

Dam Ginger - Abbie's and Milo's daughter

Sire Luca - I brought from Italy last Summer,

from our friends at  Rio d'Ottawa

Luca as a puppy

Ginger as a puppy

6/23/18 Cookie and Mom Ginger

Available Izzy in middle

Available Izzy middle

Izzy in front

Female 1 - Izzy at 9 weeks

Misty and Milo's litter

 8 Weeks Jimmy stays in Denver!!


AKC Limited Registration
Health Guarantee
Medical Record

Tails docked, & dew claws removed as standard.

Pedigree's of Parents and Past Litters available via e-mail

Puppies leave with age appropriate vaccinations,, vet wellness exam, leash training, and house training as expected for their chronological age

PLEASE NOTE: All Deposits are non-refundable or transferable...
no exceptions!

Put a  NON-REFUNDABLE deposit down to hold your place in line for a pick of the litter! Deposit goes toward the full price of $2,000 - $2,500  at time to pick up. Moneys are non-refundable if you changed yuor mind on a puppy.

We will notify you when the next litter is born. You are required to make your selection prior to the pups turning 2 weeks of age and sometimes sooner if some puppies have been paid in full already. 

There are no refunds on Moneys paid toward a puppy.  Failure of the Buyer to complete purchase would subject Seller to lost opportunities to sell the Puppy to some other Buyer and retention of the Deposit is meant to compensate Seller for his possible loss.   This deposit signifies the intent on the part of the Buyer to follow through with the Purchase of this Puppy. 
If buyers decide not to complete purchase after or if puppy is over 6 weeks of age, they understand they are forfeiting their deposit.

Initial Health Guarantee

Although your puppy comes with a health certificate by our vet, you have a grace period of 7 days to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian for a puppy exam, the puppy is returnable if the veterinarian advises. Breeder is not responsible for any expenses incurred.

One Year Health Guarantee

Your puppy is guaranteed for (1) year from date of birth against any life threatening genetic or hereditary disease or defect.


All puppies are current on vaccinations and worming, and will come with a written record for your veterinarian. Your puppy will require additional vaccinations to keep him/her healthy. 
  All replacements will require a written statement stating the defect from a licensed veterinarian. We understand the replacement puppy would never amend the tragedy of a loss and we need to be informed of the problem no matter how small before any action is taken. 
Skin problems/allergies would not be considered for replacement, except in the extreme cases requiring euthanasia. I cannot guarantee size, color or ability to bred.
 No medical expenses will be paid.

We will offer a replacement puppy at first available time, sex of the puppy will not be an issue. Replacement puppy would be over 8 weeks and less than 20 weeks of age. By purchasing and accepting the puppy you are agreeing to the terms/conditions written in this Health Guarantee. 

 If you are not able to care of your puppy or dog for any reason I will take it back and will do my best to find a new home for it to avoid the dog to end in a shelter.

Pet puppies are sold on spay neuter contract
, only as pets.
AKC Registered with Limited Registration will be sent after we get the spay/neuter certificate from your veterinary. 

Miki just arrived to NY (2012)

2013 A year later we are visiting


The Wire Fox Terrier was developed in England in the 1800's. It's purpose was to "bolt" the fox from it's den or hiding place during a Fox Hunt. The Fox Terrier was carried in a sack on the back of a horse during the hunt. If the fox went to ground the fox terrier was dropped down and  went after the fox. The tail of a Fox Terrier was docked so as to provide a good "handle" in order to pull the dog out of the tunnel. Fox Terriers also kept the barns free of rodents and other vermin. 

While today's WireFox Terrier is not chasing fox he is still a very "game" dog! A Wire Fox Terrier is still very good at chasing (and sometimes catching) mice, rabbits, squirrels, birds, snakes,cats, leaves, dust- bunnies and anything else that crosses it's path! Keep in mind a Wires past if you want to add one to your future. They love to run and ideally need a fenced yard. They cannot be fully trusted "off lead"  even  a trained Wire  will forget (or ignore) the word "come" if it is after something.  In training a Wire you need to be consistent and patient (and sense of humor also helps!) Wires do well in obedience classes but can get bored with constant  repeating of commands - they are quick learners and  don't see any real reason to repeat a command over & over - because of this - they get bored easily. A bored Wire will then look for ways to amuse himself (and you!)

Wire Fox Terriers were very popular in the 1940's due in part to his role in several movies. Today the Wire Fox is not a "popular" breed but Breeders & Fanicers like it that way! Over -breeding is not good and produces poor quality Wires. If you are looking for a Wire  be sure to  try and find a reputable breeder. If you can , visit a breeder to see what dogs or puppies they have. We encourage everybody to visit us and our dogs.

A Wire Fox Terrier coat is predominately white, usually with black and tan markings. The hypoallergenic hard wire hair stands up to almost any kind of weather and is virtually non-shedding, perfect for people with allergies. To maintain the wire texture and brilliant color, the coat must be “plucked” or “stripped” every 6-12 weeks. All Wires being shown are stripped, but pets are often clippered. However, clipping does result in a softer coat with faded coloring. Some pet owners strip out only the colored parts of the coat and clipper the white. Additional information on grooming is available from the American Fox Terrier Club at

More info...

He is friendly and lively without being high-strung. With ears up and tail quivering, the Wire Fox Terrier gives the impression of a dog ready to go anywhere and take on any task. He is bold but not aggressive with people. The Wire Fox Terrier is affectionate with children  and enjoys chasing a ball or romping with youngsters.  It is the fun-loving temperament of the Wire Fox Terrier that has helped it win the hearts of dog owners worldwide. The Wire should be alert, quick-of-movement, keen of expression, on the tiptoe of expectation at the slightest provocation. However, at the end of the day, he is happy to curl up on a lap and be petted by his owner. The Wire Fox Terrier is a hardy, little dog with mischief in mind.


OZZIE, Next day in his new home!