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(These are some of the testimonials I get for; Mother's Day, Birthdays, Christmas. Some of the new owners are an extension of my family and love to keep me in the loop about what our puppies do and how much happiness they bring to their lives.
I love to get news and pics and I thank them for it.)

K. Felzie, Pueblo, CO - December 2015


Mia had her check up on Monday she was perfect!!! My vet said she was very healthy and loved her temperament!!!!  Hope you are doing well!!!

M. Satur, Littleton, CO - December 2015

Hi Maria,
Just wanted to thank you for our Duff!  He brings so much joy to our household and to everyone who meets him.  He is just the greatest little guy and we love him very much.

Thank you, Maria.

G. Sterkel, November, 2015

Levi travels very good.  Likes to ride in the car/truck.  He snoozes in his kennel.  He loves to be outside.  He eats lots of snow and ice.  In fact, both dogs do.  He sleeps in his kennel until about 5:30-6:00 am and then its time to go outside..... He is also a good sentry dog.  He told us that the neighbor kitty was in the guy next door's skunk live trap... He is very friendly to all other dogs.  He does well at the Doggie Day Care.  He gets along with all the dogs there.  The owner/attendant says that he likes to hang with the bigger dogs.  He is a good watch dog...
He likes riding in his kennel. Over all he is a great dog.  He is very smart.  He can be very loving. 

G.Sterkel, December, 2014

Hi.  An update on Levi.  He is doing great.  He is growing like a weed.  He has been on many dog walks.  Sometimes more than 1 a day.  He likes to hang out in Melinda's lap and take a nap...You did a good job raising him for the first 3 months.  Thanks.

M. Satur, Littleton, CO - December 2014

Hi Maria,
 Our Duff is just the best little guy ever. He gets along with everyone - dogs and people. He does have typical terrier behavior, but the dogs in the Naughty Terrier Club are way worse than Duff! He makes us laugh a hundred times more than he makes us mad. He is very snugly and always wants to be with us. When we do leave him alone in the house he just lays on the couch and waits. He goes to day care a few times a month and they just love him. He plays with all the other dogs. We have to spell D A Y C A R E  because he loves to go and he gets really excited! He is really smart. He can be a handful but we have been very careful to not let him have many negative experiences. Duff is a super traveler. He loves road trips and is always on his best behavior in the car. We love him to pieces! I would be happy to answer any other questions.  Mary

K. Burford, Tyler, TX - October 2014

Thank you for inquiring about our new puppy (Jack). He is very healthy and weighs 13 pounds.  He walks around  3 miles every morning and loves it. As a matter of fact he tries to get his leash from the peg by himself.  He has had all  of his shots and was groomed for the first time this week.
  Jack is a constant companion for  Ernest and has a special booster seat for the truck. He is a loving dog but had to have consistent training at first. I think that is typical for terriers but once they learn their boundaries they are excellent.
  Thank you so much for your help and consideration while we were shopping for our pet

Laura G, - July 2014

Hi!  Haley is doing great!  She is a wonderful part of our family.  She is well trained, loves to go on walks and very healthy.  She weighs about 14 or 15 pounds.  We are loving her still and she is more spoiled every day. Thanks for checking on her...laura

G.Werfelli, Manhattan, NYC - March 2014 (Pickle's Mom)
(email sent to a prospect buyer)

It's such a pleasure to recommend to you the breeder family in colorado who gave us our sweet pickles.
I have told maria paz brandan many, many, many times how very grateful we are for the love and attention she and her family give their dogs and their puppies.
Pickles was bursting with love when she first arrived in new york at 8 weeks. she stepped off that plane with a little skip and a smile and a beautiful curiosity - ready to make the big city her own.
Pickles is a treasure, and it's obvious that she is from formidable stock.
She is fearless in her independence and very outgoing: she never tires of running with the big dogs in central park, and she has a great sense of humor.
If you do want a wire fox terrier to run your life, a puppy bred by maria is going to make you very happy.
i promise. good luck, gabriele

Heather, Denver, - July 2014

Hi there!

It's been a while so I thought I'd send you a picture of Chloe (Jr), she'll be two mid October.  Thought you might enjoy a full grown shot.  She's still small but perfect, about 13 pounds and super awesome personality!  She's such a good girl and such a character.  Fits right in with our two kids and cat.  If you remember we were expecting a boy, Henry, he's just over a year old now and no doubt the two will be best pals as they grow up together.  She has only had one trip to a dog park and she didn't know what to make of the other dogs trying to play with her.  She ran all the way back to the entrance.  She likes dogs but prefers a structured walk to the park with meet and greets along the way.  Unless you're a squirrel... Then she's in chase mode!

She's a bit scruffy at the moment and parts of her coat are ready to be pulled again.  As you can see she has great tri-color!  Her face would look even better if I had more time to keep it up.  But with two small kids I never feel like she is groomed successfully all at once.  She's always in progress.

Thanks again for a wonderful dog and happy summer!!!!

Albert Watson -  July 2014 (Miki's Dad)

Hi Maria ,

Miki is beyond fabulous learning more tricks every day !
We love her to bits .
She's a wonderful combination of energy and sweetness !

Best ,
Albert Watson .

S. Cummings, Pennsylvania - Dec 2013


Maisy was so good at the airport! She was a big hit.  And today she slept most of flight!
Anyway, she is so sweet and such a cuddler!

Maisy is doing great!  She has been sleeping from 11 pm to 6ish! That is better than my kids when they were babies!

S. Cribbings, Long Island - Dec 2013


He is wonderful and adorable. So sweet and affectionate - we are in love (especially my husband and 17 year old son!) Our puppy's name is Scranton.  He is learning so quickly and growing so much every day.  He is super active and it's hard to get a good photo of him! I'll keep trying. He gets a lot of attention wherever we go.  

Albert Watson, Manhattan, NY - Dec 2012

Hi Maria,

Miki has now taken over our lives !
She loves New York. We can't go one block without people telling us how beautiful she looks. We called her Miki because the markings on her back are a perfect silhouette of Mickey Mouse
Wishing you and your family a great New Year.

Thanks again for Miki ,

H. Tudhope, Denver, CO - Jan 2013

We love our Little Chloe Monster.  She has elements of our past little girl Maddie and yet is so very different.  She's actually more mellow, thank goodness, and doesn't seem to have any separation anxiety.  Thankfully, kennel training was super easy and when we went to LA for a few days she did great at the vet's kennel.  She's great with the cat and kids and so far seems to like other dogs and doesn't bark a whole lot in the yard. She loves to rough house with the cat but isn't out for a kill which was always an issue with Maddie if she got spun up.  The cat seems to enjoy the play and taunts her, it's very funny to watch.  And of course she loves to fetch and go for hikes and seems to love the water. 

Dr. Susan Tiegs, Morrison - July 2012

We are so delighted with our little girl!!!  Still no accidents, poops/pees outside!!!  But the greatest is her sweet yet sparky personality!!!  She chooses to sleep in the crate! We have never had a pup with such a great temperament!  We can't thank you enough for the great job you do with the wires!!!   

Stina and Gary, Denver - Apr 2012

Our experience adopting our wire fox terrier, Queen Lola The 25th, from Maria was fantastic.  She has a great deal of experience with the breed and was able to answer all of our questions about the breed, generally, and about her dogs and the litter, specifically.  When we adopted Lola, she wanted to made sure Lola would be a good fit with our other dog, and allowed him to visit and meet the pups before we selected one.  Maria has continued to be a great resource to us as Lola has grown, giving us recommendations on grooming and other issues.  As to Lola...she is an energetic bundle of love!  We have received numerous, unsolicited comments that she is "so loving" and remarkably interactive for a terrier.  We think she gets it from her dad!  If we were to do it all again, we'd absolutely work with Maria!

Jodi D, Michigan - Mar 2012

Our Oswald (Ozzie) is the perfect little guy - friendly, funny and so smart. From the moment that he arrived with his little "blankie" we knew that we had made the right choice by buying one of Maria's puppies. Not only does he exhibit the perfect temperament and showmanship, but he also has the sweetest personality. There is no doubt in our minds that our Ozzie was raised in a loving and nurturing environment. 
Maria was wonderful to work with and was available to answer our questions and send pictures day or night.  From our initial correspondence until the day that our puppy arrived, she made the process seem effortless.  With out a doubt, our next next wirefox will be purchased from Maria.

Linda Opaciuch - New York - Oct 2011

I recently purchased a puppy, Kat, from Maria.  I have since renamed her Lacey.  She is the sweetest little puppy you could ever imagine.  You can just tell that she was raised in a very loving, caring environment.  I dealt with Maria on a daily basis for about a week during the purchase of Lacey, and Maria was ALWAYS available to answer any questions I might have and was and still is always there to provide any guidance I need.  I would recommend that anyone interested in purchasing a puppy do so through Maria.  She is a very honest person and business woman, and it is very obvious she loves the dogs she deals with on a daily basis.  It is just not a job for her.  She made the shipping process very uneventful.  She gets my "vote of approval."   I would not hesitate to purchase another puppy from Maria. 

The Gaspards - Louisianna - Sept, 2011

Haley did very good. She is an excellent dog. We are enjoying her very much.  It is evident that she came from a very loving environment and was well cared for.  We would recommend you as a breeder to anyone interested in wire haired fox terriers. Please feel free to use this testimonial from me for you website.  Thank you very much for providing excellent and quick service and delivery.  The process of acquiring Haley was fast and painless with any difficulties.  

Chance Karwoski- Colorado - Aug, 2011

I recently got a puppy from Maria, a male.  He is wonderful, no problems of any kind.  He is healthy and well tempered, for a terrier anyway.  Maria doesn’t run a puppy factory, the puppies are brought up in her home with love and affection.  I am glad I found her and got my new little buddy.  Feel free to ask any questions.

The Helliwells - Colorado - Dec, 2010

Sylvester is called Ollie, he has settled in so well, he is so affectionate, he licks us  all the time ! he loves our other dog, they "fight " all the time and have fun.


2014 Abbie's litter

Jack, Tyler, TX

Barclay and Mom, leaving to Evans, CO

Holly, leaving with her parents

Holly and Henry at home in Castle Rock, CO

2013 Chloe's litter

Female, Littleton

December 2013 - Massie to PA

December 2013 - Male, Parker


March 15th, 2011, she had 3 females and 1 male.

They all found homes throughout the States.

Lives happily in Fort Collins with his new best friend Chance.

Coco and Mom Abbie


Haley found her forever family with The Hamiltons in New Orleans

Haley and Mom Abbie

Kat found her forever family with Linda in New York City, NY

BETZIE - aka Mazzie

Mazzie found her forever family with Clare in Salt Lake City, UT


Chloe had her first litter last May 2010.She had 1 male and one female. Both found their happy home in Colorado!

Diamond - aka Scout is with her forever family in Loveland, CO

Ollie aka Sylvester
Found his forever home in Evergreen, CO

Chloe had her second litter July 8th, 2011.
Three females, four males

Rex found his new home in Arvada, Co.

Cookie jr. Lucky found his new home in Littleton, CO

Lucky at home

Queen Lola - Capitol Hill, Denver

Queen Lola at home

Red - Ozzie, Mount Pleasant, Michigan

SADDIE with her new brother BUDDY, OK

Bowie, Castle Pines, CO

Bianco and Sister Saddie