The Wire Fox Terrier was developed in England in the 1800's. It's purpose was to "bolt" the fox from it's den or hiding place during a Fox Hunt. The Fox Terrier was carried in a sack on the back of a horse during the hunt. If the fox went to ground the fox terrier was dropped down and  went after the fox. The tail of a Fox Terrier was docked so as to provide a good "handle" in order to pull the dog out of the tunnel. Fox Terriers also kept the barns free of rodents and other vermin.

While today's WireFox Terrier is not chasing fox he is still a very "game" dog! A Wire Fox Terrier is still very good at chasing (and sometimes catching) mice, rabbits, squirrels, birds, snakes,cats, leaves, dust- bunnies and anything else that crosses it's path! Keep in mind a Wires past if you want to add one to your future. They love to run and ideally need a fenced yard. They cannot be fully trusted "off lead"  even  a trained Wire  will forget (or ignore) the word "come" if it is after something.  In training a Wire you need to be consistent and patient (and sense of humor also helps!) Wires do well in obedience classes but can get bored with constant  repeating of commands - they are quick learners and  don't see any real reason to repeat a command over & over - because of this - they get bored easily. A bored Wire will then look for ways to amuse himself (and you!)

Wire Fox Terriers were very popular in the 1940's due in part to his role in several movies. Today the Wire Fox is not a "popular" breed but Breeders & Fanicers like it that way! Over -breeding is not good and produces poor quality Wires. If you are looking for a Wire  be sure to  try and find a reputable breeder. If you can , visit a breeder to see what dogs or puppies they have. We encourage everybody to visit us and our dogs.

A Wire Fox Terrier coat is predominately white, usually with black and tan markings. The hypoallergenic hard wire hair stands up to almost any kind of weather and is virtually non-shedding, perfect for people with allergies. To maintain the wire texture and brilliant color, the coat must be “plucked” or “stripped” every 6-12 weeks. All Wires being shown are stripped, but pets are often clippered. However, clipping does result in a softer coat with faded coloring. Some pet owners strip out only the colored parts of the coat and clipper the white. Additional information on grooming is available from the American Fox Terrier Club at  http://www.aftc.org/

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He is friendly and lively without being high-strung. With ears up and tail quivering, the Wire Fox Terrier gives the impression of a dog ready to go anywhere and take on any task. He is bold but not aggressive with people. The Wire Fox Terrier is affectionate with children  and enjoys chasing a ball or romping with youngsters.  It is the fun-loving temperament of the Wire Fox Terrier that has helped it win the hearts of dog owners worldwide. The Wire should be alert, quick-of-movement, keen of expression, on the tiptoe of expectation at the slightest provocation. However, at the end of the day, he is happy to curl up on a lap and be petted by his owner. The Wire Fox Terrier is a hardy, little dog with mischief in mind.







Chloe's female born October, 16th, 2012
 Professional pic taken by Photographer Albert Watson, owner.
Manhattan, NY


OZZIE, Next day in his new home!

Home Page

Hello, we are the Brandan family.

Welcome to our Wire Fox Terriers Family Web site. We created this special place on the Web to share our lives with you. We look forward to sharing our family news and precious memories with you for years to come! Feel free to use our contact page to contact us.

We are small  in-home Wire Fox Terrier Breeders.  Our puppies are raised at home, never in kennels. They interact with me all day and later with my children. They also interact with all the other dogs. My children are highly involved in caring for our dogs and puppies. My daughter helps with grooming and my son is hands on with delivery and anything that could go wrong then. Puppies are born in our family room where they sleep until they are ready to go to their permanent home. At 5 weeks puppies once they are weaned, they get at least 4 hours (weather permitting in CO) of playtime in our yards with and without their Mom. Puppies leave kennel trained to minimize the separation anxiety a their new homes.

Although my dogs have Championship lines and their parents and relatives compete abroad, I don't show my dogs. I believe keeping them away from the stress of showing and being confined to kennels to travel and compete, and being exposed to many other dogs, isn't good for future litters. Most of our puppies are very well socialized and mellow and I believe being free in our house and yards and having limited time kenneled, favors having healthy mellow puppies.

My page is under construction so I apologize for any unrelated pictures or text  you might find while I finish constructing it.

Thanks for visiting!

Our Story

Back in my teens in South America, I remember watching a movie about a very adventurous wire fox terrier named Hector and being amazed of how beautiful and smart this dog was.

Years passed. My first wire fox terrier found me as a stray purebred resilient stray foxy we named Coca. Coca had followed my Dad for blocks from a grocery store a warm summer night. The vet told us she had to be about 5 years when she found us.. Coca gave me the best 6 years of her loving life, but unfortunately she passed away too soon, right after the birth of my first born.

Here in the States in 1997 I found my second love, Cristal, who I brought home at 8 weeks old, right after the birth of my second boy. I hand fed her and she became my only girl for the next years. My Cristal left me at 12 years old, Christmas 2008.

I got Cookie my Stud in 2006; he is the sweetest of the dogs. Cuddly and loving, he can spend hours with his head and or paws on your lap asking for caresses.

In January 2009, I brought Chloe from Phoenix. Chloe is the most playful of my wires. She is a fireball! She loves to grab the ball and throw it to the air and catch it herself, loves to spend her wake time fetching with me, she will fetch even when she's almost giving birth :). Today Chloe enjoys being retired.

Abbie used to be my youngest wire, 2010, today she's almost retired and has passed her beauty to Ginger who just had her first litter. She is a calm and mellow lady. She follows me everywhere and has that sweet look that melts my heart, reminding me of my Cristal's look. If there is a Doggy Heaven, I sometimes think my Cristal is in her watching me and waiting until we meet under the rainbow..

Misty is from Canada, her parents from the Czech Republic compete in Canada and Europe
Luca my youngest stud is from Italy, his aunt wins awards wherever she goes and his cousins and siblings.

Although some of my puppies and old dogs are show potential and some come from Canadian CKC and American AKC winning lineage, I don't advertise their off springs as such. Having young teenagers and a competitive dancer daughter, I don't have the time and energy left to be involved in showing at this age .

Most of my buyers are repeat costumers and old wire fox terriers owners. But occasionally I get the first time buyer who usually falls in love with the breed. Wire fox terriers are a fun loyal breed to have, BUT they are not for everybody and mostly not for the faint of heart. They will test your patience and your running skills, sometimes will be stubborn and keep you on your toes, but they will love you to the end.

I usually get the "I'm looking for a female because I've heard they are better with kids", my personal opinion in regard of how different females from males are, I believe males are easier to train and are less high strong than females. In my experience male wires are mellow and non aggressive, more than female wires tend to be. In this breed females tend to be the alpha dog, and two females is definitely not a good mix in a household. Female with a male, male with a male, but NEVER two females in a household, spayed or not.

Another common misconception is the age of a puppy. Some buyers just want the 8-9 weeks puppy because of their cuteness, they have been told the youngest the puppy the easiest to train. That isn't the case, in my opinion an older puppy will be less distracting and more focused, it will have the maturity to follow commands, it will be easily trained. Also, as older the puppy as bigger the bladder, can hold it for longer times if left in a crate. I usually let my puppies go after age 10 weeks, when socialization has started. Puppies need the 10-12 weeks to socialize with the older dogs, be exposed to the nipping and scolding, to develop tolerance towards others dog. You want your future dog to have good socialization skills and a good time exposed to it. 

I got Milo at 4 months old and I noticed a huge difference on his understanding of commands and how fast he potty trained, by 5 months he will soil his puppy pad only. In general puppies will be puppies until age 12 months, any puppy under the age of 6 months is a joy to train!

What you want in a puppy is a clean health record and good references from the breeder. In my opinion anybody can get awards if one have the time to show, but a health history of the parents and the off springs can't be awarded and in my opinion it is what really matters. In all my years of breeding, my dogs have stayed healthy the same as their babies, everybody comes from different gene pools and countries, there is no inbreeding.

Email is the best way to contact me.
I take PAYPAL- Check for deposits or if paid in advance - Cash or MO when picking up
Money/Deposit paid towards a puppy is NON-REFUNDABLE, NO EXCEPTIONS

Maria-Paz Brandan



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The Wirehaired Fox Terrier is a brave and bold terrier. It is cheerful, lovable, enthusiastic and playful, especially with children. Affectionate, very devoted and loyal with the family, it truly enjoys their company.

3 months girls - 1 Tricolor 1 Ginger available
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Miki just arrived to NY (2012)

2013 A year later we are visiting!

Mr. Albert Watson and the famous Miki

Miki as good as a fetcher than Mom Chloe

Another love in NYC
My son and daughter with Gabriele and Pickles
2013 Abbie's daughter

2014 Abbie's puppies

Female 1 being pampered by my daughter

Abbie and her female puppy playing in the puppies pen
Mom and daughter fold their right paw
and hold the cage the same!

Upper left Male 3 (black saddle, black tail),
Upper right Female 1 (black marks, white tail)
Bottom left Male 1 (black saddle white tail and legs)

2012 CHLOE's Puppies!

Videos December 09 & 14-2012


November 16 - 4 weeks

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